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More recently, continuous processes and the idea of an overall continuous production have gained increasing interest in the pharmaceutical industry for solid dosage forms. L.B. Bohle has followed this global trend from the beginning, resulting in the successful development of continuous solutions for semi-continuous coaters (KOCO®), dry and wet granulation (BCG® Extruder, BRC Compactor).

However, to complement these achievements towards an entire continuous production line, a multidisciplinary team of industry and academia has established a pioneering collaboration under the roof of L.B. Bohle in Ennigerloh.



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About L.B. Bohle

L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH is a global acting manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. The range of products includes process and handling equipment for the solids production. Bohle also creates laboratory equipment for the research and development units of its clients.


In 2005, the L.B. Bohle Service Center was established. This center offers the opportunity to operate the Bohle systems for trials and tests. The production sequences can be tested under current GMP conditions.


In March 2015 the Technology Center was inaugurated at the headquarters. Bohle focusses on continuous production there.


L.B. Bohle was founded in 1981 by Mr. Lorenz Bohle.

The headquarters are located in Ennigerloh, Germany. The manufacturer has subsidiaries in Sassenberg and Ennigerloh, Germany, in Warminster, USA and Mumbai, India, in addition a representative office in Shanghai. Bohle is represented in more than 40 countries by independent sales agencies.


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